In 2014, the members of Independent Ophthalmic Network (ION) opted to wind-up the organisation as a formal entity with its role and function to be absorbed within ASO. A new entity, ASO Business has been formed to continue the education, social and representative activities previously undertaken by ION.

What was ION?

ION was formed by like minded independent ophthalmologists, owners of ophthalmic day surgery centres and laser surgery facilities dedicated to maintaining the doctor patient relationship as the cornerstone of practice, and not dictated by the need to deliver shareholder returns or performance related criteria and incentive arrangements from third parties.

The idea behind the formation of ION was to be seen as a counterweight to corporate ophthalmology with its differing philosophy and objectives, committed to rapid expansion.

ION provides a voice for independent ophthalmologists in relation to at least seven different groups.

  1. Government, both federal and state
  2. Public hospital and area health services
  3. Health funds
  4. Drug companies
  5. Media
  6. Referring practitioners
  7. Consumers i.e. patients

Key Principles of ION

Key Objectives of ION