Andrew Atkins practices in Melbourne and country Victoria. He has been involved in public hospital teaching as well as voluntary overseas work. His involvement with the ASO stems back to the cataract rebate issue of 2009.

Andrew has also been a board member of the Independent Ophthalmic Network (ION) and organised a number of practice management seminars. He continues to be involved in the mentoring of young ophthalmologists as they pursue their careers.

Formal Accreditations and Associations

Andrew Atkins is a well known and respected ophthalmologist who has practiced in Melbourne for many years. His particular interest is in cataract surgery. Deeply committed to providing the best possible results with cataract surgery he attends conferences regularly both in Australia and overseas, attending lectures and reading widely about the latest developments in surgical practice.

After attending medical school in Hobart, Andrew completed his ophthalmic training at the Sydney Eye Hospital. To further his knowledge, he followed with a fellowship at the Royal Victorian Infirmary in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the United Kingdom.

He speaks regularly both in Australia and has also presented overseas most recently at The China National Cataract Conference in Ningbo 2011 where he spoke on safety during cataract surgery.

Andrew is also involved in registrar training, showing trainees new surgical techniques regularly. He has been an examiner with The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists.

He has performed voluntary eye surgery in Tonga and plans an ongoing commitment to further overseas voluntary surgery.

Andrew is currently the Vice President of The Australian Society of Ophthalmologists and is on the board of The Independent Ophthalmology Network.

In Melbourne, Andrew has been practicing in Footscray since the mid 1990’s and Bayside Eye Specialists since 2007. Andrew also regularly consults in Shepparton and Bendigo. He is a Consultant at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, where he participates in the registrar surgical training programmes. 

Andrew lives locally with his wife Tracey and three daughters.